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Oriana Lifecoach

Are YOU ready to take your performances to the next level?  Are you struggling with Stage Fright, Imposter Syndrome or feeling like you are spinning your wheels? Ready to take professional gigs & increase your bookings but aren't sure where to start?  Maybe you're a seasoned professional and are wondering...where do I go from here?

I am here to help.  Combining years of professional performing experience with proven neuroscience, business analysis and life-coaching techniques; I get you to your goals of success with less stress!


Taking Notes

One on One Professional Performer Coaching

Let's set your goals and smash them! Professional Coaching for Performers focuses on strategies for success; combining movement with releasing limiting belief systems. Whether you want to increase your bookings or just aren't sure where to start, I can help!

Chess Pieces Close-up

One on One Confidence Coaching

Confidence coaching is a more in-depth approach targeting stage fright, imposter syndrome, feelings of "not enough."  Together we will turn those feelings toward achieving your goals with effective methods of increasing confidence.

Group Therapy

Group/Troupe Professional Coaching

Have a group or a professional performing troupe?  Setting goals and achieving success is greatly impacted by group dynamics. Coaching on a group level can help define each person's roles in the group, mediate issues and help define the business strategy to move forward.

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