Inspired by my inquisitive students and the performers I have mentored, I set out to create the very first self-help book for belly dancers.  There are so many answers that budding performers and professionals alike have asked me over the years.  Ranging from "how do I get my first booking" to "what do I do in a toxic community?"  I hope this will be your guide in the business of belly dance to not only un-stick yourself but also reconnect you back to what you love most about our art form. 

Featuring a foreword by renowned artist Tamalyn Dallal and an epilogue by Shelley Parris of The Womb Sanctuary, this book feels like a warm hug from a really smart businesswoman.  Who will tell you how to write your resume. 

Illustrated by Breanne with original handmade artwork sure to inspire every dancer.  Available direct from the publisher or on Amazon US & UK.  ISBN 9780359900732 Copyright 2019

Created by Oriana, Fanoos Magazine is a thinking Bellydancer's guide to our community.  Fanoos welcomes guest writers and contributors and is published quarterly.


Holistic Approach Volume 2: Keynote Contributor

Holistic Approach: Personal Stories of Triumph and Transformation Through Mind, Body and Spirit is a must read for anyone who struggles with the current state of healthcare, feels frustrated with doctors and insurance companies, and seeks natural solutions to getting well and feeling better.

Each chapter shares the personal story of how the author overcame a physical or emotional challenge using a holistic approach.

Holistic International, 2018 ISBN-13: 978-0692160077


The Belly Dance Chronicles

Oct/Nov/Dec 2018 Volume 16, Issue 4

The Belly Dance Chronicles is the official publication of The Isis Foundation, a government recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, created to promote the art of Middle Eastern dancers and musicians.


Tampa Bay Wellness Magazine

July 2018

Fortune Telling Cards

Dear Enlightened One Online Magazine
May 2019 Mindful Lifestyle Section 


Zameena Magazine, UK, Jan 2020
Achieving Bellydance Goals

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